Things I've made in university and I am proud for

Threshold Algorithms by Marina Yiannakakou
This paper presents some threshold cryptography algorithms that are used to secure Cloud Computing technologies . Basically the known algorithms such as RSA , Elgamal encryption etc have also threshold versions which in fact are effective in distributed systems . Using this algorithmic encryption patterns we tend to make an even more safer online telecommunications world.
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Ubiquitous Computing by Marina Yiannakakou
´╗┐This project is based on "The Computer for the 21st Century " by Mark Weiser . It refers to the Ubiquitous computing ,meaning the notion of UbiComp and technologies that are ubiquitous. It contains a few examples of Pervasive Technologies that are known 'till the present day and the inconspicuous difference of Iot with pervasive computing . Read it Show Your Love