All started in Greece by Computer Engineering and Informatics department students .

 When someone make his first steps in programming everything is magic. Suddenly, you obtain a force different from others: the power of creation. When you learn more, you realize that the capabilities are unlimited.

 The problem that makes its appearance quickly is the problem of distribution. How you will make famous you super application? Possibly no one will download your creation from your new but with prospects github.

 You can't also be satisfy when a few people use your application just because the main aim of creation is to spread it to the world. Spreading can improve your skills just listening the users' comments, make you famous, which can have a big impact on a future job, offers you money etc.

 That's why we created ShowMeYourCode!

 It's a site to spread our creations. Everyone can post simple or complicated open source applications with its name ( and a CV) with a donation button.

This way everyone's creations will be used by the readers of the site,  they can commit  improvements through suggestions or code from other developers of the community and will be advertising as to the face of each.

 Beyond applications, users can post tutorials on technology topics or to write on the blog.

Essentially it is a programming and learning oriented community and not in some kind of promotion-support, as is common in other communities. The aim is to create.

So if you have a simple or advanced creation that waits patiently to see the light of publicity or a tutorial, do not hesitate!

 Join us now and take part in our growing community or make a donation helping us to go on.

Our goal is to motivate students and hobbyists programmers to write code and to create amazing things solving problems, updating their CV, helping people and earning money.