Daily usage and scientific applications for your desktop pc

by George Papazafeiropoulos
A novel software is presented to connect Abaqus, a sophisticated finite element package, with Matlab, the most comprehensive program for mathematical analysis.
This interface between these well-known codes not only bene fits from the image processing and the integrated graph-plotting features of Matlab, but opens up new opportunities in results post-processing, statistical analysis and mathematical optimization, among many other possibilities.​
Abaqus2Matlab is freely distributed as source code with the aim of facilitating research.
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photo-1452587925148-ce544e77e70d (1)

by Glykos Christos, Evangelou Georgios, Kaftanis Georgios, Theodoropoulos Nikolaos, Retikas Dimitrios
A desktop application to organize your photo albums created by students of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Patras. Created with python using SQLite3 for database and WX library for UI. Available for Windows. You can run it on Linux with WINE.

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BoxGame by Spiros Kaftanis
A simple to create, but no so simple to win puzzle game. Put the numbers 1-8 in the correct order to win the game.
Only one box is empty and boxes can move vertical or horizontal.
Created with Java. Just run the .jar file for all the operating systems.
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CeidNotifications by Giorgos Klados
Are you a student in CEID(Computer Engineering & Informatics Department) at Univercity of Patras? So, we are and we wanted a nice GUI applicataion to inform us about the announcements in the new website here.
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