Intro to Cybersecurity

First things first ! Its very important to fully understand the meaning of this terms in case you tend to build a serious career in Cybersecurity ! So let’s get started !

What exactly is defined as Cyber ?

Cyber is NOT just the Internet . It can be ANYTHING that stores some kind of electronic information . That term also includes “data at rest”(inactive data that is stored physically in any digital form e.g. databases, data warehouses, spreadsheets, archives, tapes etc.) even if it is NOT connected to a network .

Cyberspace ! What space?

Cyberspace in Cybersecurity is the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, that includes the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems and embedded processors and controllers .

Cyberculture – Your manners matter !

Refers to ALL forms of activities that can happen to cyber information.

Securing the Cyberspace !

Cybersecurity is the term we use in order to express the security of Cyberspace (obviously). Do we really have to secure our Cyberspace ? Well actually YES ! Governments, military, corporations, financial institutions, hospitals and other businesses collect, process and store lots of sensitive information on computers and transmit that data across networks on other computers .

Security of these information is highly important.

What the F* is Hacking ?

The term of hacking actually refers to the art of exploiting system vulnerabilities and security controls to gain access into system resources and features outside the creator’s original purposes. So the term “hacker” would probably be referred to a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.

After learning some basic terms lets dive a little bit more into Cybersecurity hacking concepts.

Why would anyone hack ?

There are many reasons why a hacker would hack . Some people do it as a hobby meaning they find Joy in Hacking (why not ?), some others hack out of malicious intent (be aware of these guys), finally some others hack in order to gain knowledge.

Have you ever heard of Crackers?

Hackers are not always “Bad fellows” as many believe , hackers can be good under some circumstances .The term “hacker” can be used to refer in a person who has nothing to do with malicious violation of security measures or privacy. But Crackers are definitely making some trouble. A security cracker is someone whose purpose is to circumvent or break security measures. Some security crackers end up using their powers for good, providing penetration testing services or otherwise making efforts on the side of the “angels”.

Types of Hackers

There is a mix of different types of hackers we would  like to present you with the characteristics of each category:

  • The Script Kiddie

Script Kiddies don’t now and really don’t care how to hack . They hack with common overused software and more likely to be found in DOS or DDOS attacks .

  • White Hat

They are the “good” guys of hacking world and are also known as ethical hackers. They’ll help you remove a virus or PenTest a company. Most White Hat hackers are educated and have a degree on IT Security or Computer Science and must be certified to pursue a career in hacking.

  • Black Hat

Also known as Crackers (remember we said it earlier ?) . They usually use common hacking practices and they hack for themselves . The surprising truth about their methods of attack is that they often use common hacking practices they learned early on.

  • Gray Hat

They are not really trustworthy since they may be White Hats but on the same time doing malicious tasks which turns them into Black Hats. They may also be educated but the fact is that they haven’t really decided what they want to be .

  • Green Hat

These are the “n00bz” in hacking, but unlike the Script-Kiddie they want to learn hacking and become “Full-grown” hackers. They’re often flamed by the hacker community for asking many basic questions. When their questions are answered, they’ll listen with intention and curiosity.

  • Red Hat

These are the vigilantes of the hacker world ,they hack in order to get revenge of a person or a company. Instead of reporting the malicious hacker, they shut him/her down. They leverage multiple aggressive methods that might force a cracker to need a new computer.

  • Blue Hat

Literally it’s an angry Script-Kiddie ! If a Script Kiddie took revenge, he/she might become a Blue Hat. They hack for revenge and they aren’t interested in learning .

  • Suicide Hacker

Hacker who hacks without stealth. They don’t care if they get caught and maybe they don’t even bother covering their tracks !

Last in our list but not least !

  • Hacktivists

They hack for a greater purpose (political , ethical etc. )

(e.g Anonymous , Lulzsec etc. )



That’s all folks !

See you on the Next Article !



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