Introducing “Show Your Love” button

Ads are pretty annoying. Everyone want a clear internet experience. But in the other side, ads are a simple way for content creators and programmers to make some profit. So, we needed a way to make ads both profitable for creators and not annoying for visitors.

That’s why we created “Show Your Love” button.

Screenshot from 2015-12-20 16-43-43

Every content creator (programmer or tutorial creator) will have his own “Show Your Love” button which redirect to his own ad page. In this page creator can add ads, donation button etc. This way, every user who want to support the creator can do it with just one click whenever he want, enjoying a clear website in the same time.


Screenshot from 2015-12-20 16-44-19

If you are already a member on ShowMeYourCode and you want your own button, click on “Earn money from your work” on your welcome page.

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If you are not, you can register here.

Hope you enjoy our little innovation!

Try it now!
Show Your Love

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