Bash scripts for every Linux machine

Convert2Mp3 by Spiros Kaftanis
There are tones of youtube downloaders out there, with many capabilities. Convert2Mp3 is not just another of them. Except of the classic functions for download and convert, Convert2Mp3 offers more, like tha capability to download playlists, song download giving just its name, convert the latest mp4 entered in your hard drive and much more.
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InstallerCreator by Spiros Kaftanis
When you create an application probably you don't want to create an installer or a makefile, and it's not cool to restribute you application without installation capability. Also there are Linux application out there without an installer (like Android Studio) and of course there are java .jar files. For all these cases InstallerCreator is the solution.

It's simple, just drop in the app the executive file and an icon and your application will be installed in no time.
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NewEpisodes by Spiros Kaftanis
You watch many tv series from internet and you are not sure if a new episode is available? You always forget which is the last episode you saw? Then NewEpisodes is created for you! Add your favorite tv series, start from whatever episode you want and enjoy the episodes in the right time. New Episodes makes the search in a torrent site (or wherever you want), so the serie will be green only when in available in a torrent site, not on tv.
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First Boot by Giorgos Klados
A cross distro tool for installing programming tools easily. Just run the script via terminal and select the software you want to install with a simple GUI. First Boot will find out your distro automatically. You can see the source code to find out how this is possible.
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