How to reuse broken pc fan

PC fans use a hall effect sensor, this sensor faces the magnets perpendicularly and can distinguish if the North or South pole is in front of it. The following image shows a Hall sensor.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe PC fan with is a Brush less motor have usually 4 coils and 4 magnets. Also, the Hall sensor is able not only to see if a magnetic field is in front of it, but also to distinguish if this is the North or the South pole.The simplest operation cycle is, according to the pole that is in front of the Hall sensor, the controller will turn on or off the appropriate coil pair. The following animation demonstrates this cycle of operation                    howbrushlessmotorswork_1269519619.png

If you put a probe to the Hall sensor and watch the signal, then you will discover that during a full rotation of the rotor, the Hall sensor is two times HIGH and two times LOW. The waveform on oscilloscope would be like this one:





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Lets use arduino a hall effect sensor and a H bridge motor driver and bring life to our brush less motor.

I used the AH3503 sensor and the TB6612FNG  h bridge motor driver, see how to use them hall effect and motor driver.
Arduino code

int BIN1 = 9;
int BIN2 = 8;
int count=1;
int hall;
void setup() {
  Serial.begin (9600); 
void loop() {
    if(hall>540){  // you might have to change the 540 



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