A surprisingly good AI for logo creation

If you have a company, an app or a youtube channel you know pretty well the importance of a good logo. Logo is what people have connected your product to, so you need to have a logo that people can recognize immediately. This type of instant recognition is the holy grail for a business, so companies spend a lot of money, even millions, to create the appropriate logo. That’s because the logo creation requires a talented designer and a lot of tries.

But what about Artificial Intelligence?
We know today that AI is everywhere. We use it every day when we browse the web, when we play games even when we are in our cars. But recent AI researches showed even more possibilities that until now we didn’t believe that a machine could be capable of. Machines now can generate art and that was the idea that gave birth to Logojoy, a really surprisingly good AI for logo creation.

When you have to start thinking about your logo, you surely have some preferences about the fonts or the colors. Imaging a learning algorithm that combines your preferences with its knowledge and generates many logo proposals instantly. And this is the magic about Logojoy.

A tour on Logojoy’s technology
The first thing you need to do is to go on logojoy.com, type the name of your company (or app etc) and click “Make your logo”.


Screenshot from 2017-08-31 18-39-07


On the next page you need to pick five or more logos that you like. The learning algorithm will take into consideration your options.

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 20-06-59

Next you have to pick some colors.

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 18-41-26

Finally you need to give the name of the company and a slogan with some icons that you like. You can pick as many icons you want. You can also skip this step and leave the algorithm to improvise.

Screenshot from 2017-08-28 04-13-16

As you can see the results are great!

Screenshot from 2017-08-28 04-13-35

Now, if you want to edit your produced logo, there is an edit tool. With this you can change pretty much everything: the font, the colors even the whole layout.

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 18-48-22

There is also a very impressive preview tab, where you can see some amazing pictures of your logo on card, on T-Shirts, on posters and much more.

Screenshot from 2017-08-28 04-14-10 Screenshot from 2017-08-28 04-14-31


There are three packages available to buy: The basic, the premium and the enterprise. We tried the premium which costs 65$ (which is a pretty good price if you consider that a simple logo design cost approximately 200$) and the final result was really professional and impressive.

The package contains some ultra high resolution images (3113×3126 pixels) with some alternative backgrounds and also with transparent ones which is the way to go if you want a cool T-Shirt. You can find these images as pdf, pngs, svg and eps ( for Adobe Illustrator ).

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 19-00-34

Screenshot from 2017-08-31 19-00-11


There is also a really cool “Social Media Assets” that contains the appropriate-size images for every social network with some alternative forms. For example on the facebook folder you will find three completely different images for cover and three more for profile.


Screenshot from 2017-08-31 19-00-56

Final thoughts
After using the service a lot we have to admit that the AI system was decent. It surprised us a lot, especially when we didn’t gave it so many information about our preferences. The quality was great and the website was really easy and natural to use. I really recommend to try it, especially because you can try it for free and this is a huge pros. You can walk through the website and create with the help of AI your logos and all that kind of staff and you have to pay only if you have already find the one!

We actually found the one, now it’s your turn!

Visit logojoy.com for more.


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