Web applications running on browsers and servers


Front Line by Giorgos Klados
A Stratego like online game. Play online the best strategic game with your friends.
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Snort by Dennis Panagiotopoulos
Snort is an open source network intrusion prevention system. Installation process is a boring task. This script automate the installation process and install all the appropriate packages(snort, barnyard2, pulledpork, snorby). It works only for Centos6.DownloadGet source code


Insertion Sort by Giorgos Klados
Insertion Sort is a simple way to sort programmatiacally a array of numbers. This script explains with an example the function of the algorithm. You can see dynamic where the algorithm is and what changes happening in the array.

Online Pong by Giorgos Klados
An online multiplayer classic pong game created with node js, socket io, canvas and bootstrap. With an easy and beautifull lobby menu you can challenge your friends in one of the most popular game of all history.
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Matching Game by Antreas Soularidis
Click on the extra smiling face on the left.
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Puzzle Game by Giorgos Klados
Is your memory good enough? Test it playing this classic game. Remember where you saw the same photo and complete the puzzle.