Things I've made in university and I am proud for

Agent-Based Smart home Project (ABSH)
by Marina Yiannakakou
A research project over agent-based smart homes including a state-of-art around this arousing technology . Agent-based smart homes using machine learning algorithms can efficiently learn our habits and preferences in order to ease our daily lives and let us focus on more important tasks during the day . It has been and will continue to be a controversial technology since security matters are involved.
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Threshold Algorithms by Marina Yiannakakou
This paper presents some threshold cryptography algorithms that are used to secure Cloud Computing technologies . Basically the known algorithms such as RSA , Elgamal encryption etc have also threshold versions which in fact are effective in distributed systems . Using this algorithmic encryption patterns we tend to make an even more safer online telecommunications world.
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Ubiquitous Computing by Marina Yiannakakou
´╗┐This project is based on "The Computer for the 21st Century " by Mark Weiser . It refers to the Ubiquitous computing ,meaning the notion of UbiComp and technologies that are ubiquitous. It contains a few examples of Pervasive Technologies that are known 'till the present day and the inconspicuous difference of Iot with pervasive computing . Read it Show Your Love